Kanji watch


Check out this pretty sweet wristwatch from Fossil. It has Chinese kanji characters instead of arabic numbers and displays seconds using scrolling digital kanji. I want one.

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20 responses to “Kanji watch

  1. Hjemme

    What’s the price????

  2. mami

    Har også set de kanji ur fra Swatch. check it out!

  3. rica


  4. F

    Kan de ikke faas med laser-viser?

  5. yujin



  6. Jens

    Mami, det skal jo ikke kun v?re “kanji”, det skal v?re “DIGITALT SCROLLENDE KANJI”! :P

    Yujin, 私にも買ってって!?誕生日まで待たないと!あはは。またブログやってるんだね!でもちょっとハングル語多くない?笑

  7. Anonymous

    It’s japanese kanji numbers not chinese similar but not the same

  8. Edster

    Really awesome watch. The first time I saw one was several years ago when I was in Japan. I saw one on ebay (USA) it was around 189.00USD. I really love it. 最高な時計ぞ!!

  9. Thor Mondo Asmund

    For vildt sygt ur, der! I would buy one too I think, but it would have to have the old-skool kanji: 壱弐参 etc. :)

  10. Seijii

    Actually, those are Japanese Kanji, not Chinese.

  11. Haha, maybe I should clear up that the Japanese term “kanji” (written: 漢字) literally means “Han characters”, the letters of the Chinese alphabet, and that the kanji that are used in Japanese originated from China. I believe for numbers the same characters are often used in China too?

  12. Q

    where can I get this watch!?

  13. As far as I know you should be able to get it from any store that carries Fossil watches. I saw it at Loft in Shibuya a few years ago, but who knows, it may have been sold out since! :(

  14. Jacke

    Well….I have two of those watches actually….red faces. Neither of them have ever been worn, still have the original plastic film covers on them. Stainless steel bands, etc. Never wore them because the bands were too short; I got really lazy and never contacted the Fossil Repair center for additional links for the bands. The batteries in both of them are dead now, but again, they’ve NEVER been worn and are still packed in their orginal Fossil boxes, foam packing, tags, etc.

  15. Hobblyjig

    To start I have to clear up the Chinese/Japanese numbers thing. They are exactly the same. The characters on the watch are Chinese and Japanese, yay! We’re all correct.

    I had one of these watches and it was lost/stolen a while back. I have been trying to replace it with no luck. I’ve seen this type as well as one with a black face. If anyone has any info on how/where I can get one lemme know at ohjohnsaw@hotmail.com

  16. steve slezak

    how much is this watch and where can i find one ?

  17. Montse

    Do u have any idea of where they might be selling this watch? or any website they might be selling it at?

  18. adet

    i have one too but the glass cover was broken where can i repair it?or is it possible to repair it?

  19. me

    Hi.. im looking for this watch as well.. would appreciate if anyone has an info eg model number or where can i buy or back order this watch.. thanks so much

  20. That’s awesome! I want one of those watches… and maybe even a wall clock with kanji in them also :D

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