I woke up this morning after a restless night due to a mosquito having gotten into my apartment (again). The little insect decided to buzz around my ears all night, leaving me to flap my arms aimlessly in the dark everytime it made a pass of my exposed face. I wonder if mosquitoes consider themselves bad creatures, flying about like that and sucking people's blood, even though we never tried to harm them in the first place. I mean, the only reason we swat them is that they're trying to suck our blood! At times I can even get quite angry with a sole mosquito, circling around me waiting for an opportunity to do it's evil deeds. I feel like shouting: "Who do you think you are! This is MY blood! Do you think you can just fly about as you please drinking the fluid that keeps me alive!?". Although I guess it's useless to discuss this concept with an invertebrate, I still feel it's kinda rude of them to ignore my feelings on the subject. Mosquitoes are actually one of the only insects I have almost no qualms about killing. Other bugs I either feel sorry for or more likely I am just so creeped out that I can't bring myself to get close to them. With mosquitoes however, I am so offended that they're actually attacking me for their own selfish purposes, that I don't think twice before squashing an invading bloodsucker. I'm actually curious as to whether mosquitoes ever consider the risks involved in their trade. They are effectively risking their lives everytime they attack their prey. I guess blood is food for them, and they need it in order to stay alive so they have no choice. If you think of it that way, they are actually brave little creatures on desperate missions to provide food for themselves and their family. Are there any statistics on how many mosquitoes die of starvation every year? Anyway, I guess what I can conclude from all this is that my mosquito-net isn't working (looking at it now I can actually see a gaping hole in it) and that maybe I should start using those weird spirally things that smell horrible but supposedly keep insects away.