I guess it's about time I explain a bit about this new part-time job of mine. I was looking for something to replace the college-classes I quit a month ago (they were too exhausting, time-consuming and far away) so I registered my name in an online teacher database. Weeks later I got a call from an older lady who runs an English conversation school for children together with her daughter. I took the job which consists of doing classes in Kayama and Odawara (not more than 30 minutes away) and have now been teaching there for several weeks (this is in addition to the other "adult" classes I still have).


Depending on the class, the children range from being little angels that can melt your heart into warm streams of silver that flow into every part of your body and makes you feel all fuzzy just by the way they look at you, to hyperactive devils of mayhem, who would soon grab you in a fatal choke-hold had they only been tall enough (well okay, none of them are that bad). The activities involve anything from teaching letters of the alphabet and acting out small dialogues to playing word bingo or other simple games (it sounds easy, but The Devils can soon turn a basic numbers-game into chaos if you're not careful). Recently we held a small Halloween-party, and the kids wore masks they had made themselves, while I ran around with a pumpkin full of cookies trying to scare them using a glow-in-the-dark skeleton mask with a built-in microphone and speaker.