In today's episode of the soap-opera that is my 5th period class on Thursdays, my classmates and I were suddenly awoken from our daze (induced by an overload of mathematical formulas) by the sound of music. Upon further inspection, we realized the sound was coming from the television screen next to the teacher, our window to Thailand. Apparently, the cell phone of the girl sitting right next to the microphone transmitting every noise from the classroom in Thailand had started to ring. Giggles turned into outright laughter as the girl proceeded to take the call and carry on a conversation in a loud voice, amplified through the television speakers. While we were expecting her to finish the call quickly, as although there was no teacher physically present in Thailand this was still to all intents and purposes the middle of a lecture, she continued discussing something or other for several minutes and eventually the professor, laughing, had to stop the lecture for a while, as we all waited for a girl in Thailand to finish her phone-call.

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