So I'm teaching these two high-school kids in Odawara as I do every Friday and am helping the students work out an assignment on the topic of giving directions ("excuse me, could you tell me..."), when suddenly I hear someone knocking on the door. Now, Ms. Nagashima, the old lady who runs the school usually returns before the end of the class in order to pick up the kids and drive them home, so I figured it'd be her and thus didn't pay much attention as I called out "come in!". However, as I look up from the student's workbook I'm surprised to find a woman in an electric wheelchair looking back at me from across the table. "Do you speak Japanese?" she asks, and continues to talk (in a random mix of English and Japanese) about how she wants to learn English and is looking for foreigners to communicate with. She is quite articulate and there isn't as such anything unusual about her (except for the fact that she suddenly barged in without explanation). However, her presence makes it a little bit hard to continue the lesson and since I am unfamiliar with the procedures on how to make people in wheelchairs leave (maybe I should have just pushed the reverse button on her controlpanel) I try to be as polite as I can and answer her questions. Eventually, though, I go back to teaching the students, figuring she'll probably leave if I make it obvious that we are actually trying to have a lesson, but she doesn't seem to mind and actually moves closer, picks up a workbook and continues to follow the lesson while muttering to herself. After a while Nagashima arrives and gives me a perplexed look, but the only reply I can come up with is a shrug as the lesson comes to an end. As we start cleaning up the wheelchair-lady excuses herself and heads for the elevator. "Who was that?" Nagashima asks. "Erm..." I reply.