Whoops, July has almost passed and not a single post from me this month! Well, my excuse is it's exam season and I have been bogged down in reports, work and exam preparations...:( However, I finally have my last test and presentation next week and then...well, then I have a whole bunch of other stuff I need to do but at least no more classes for a while! Yey! Anyway, below is a quick summary of July's highlights to make up for my lack of posts. Also, a bunch of new crappy pictures.

  • Rainy season came and went.
  • Deep Dish released their new artist album (not bad, not great).
  • Music software crashed on me preventing me from creating music for the time being...
  • Australia trip was nearly cancelled (long story) but is now confirmed (see updated schedule below for details).
  • Took a bunch of tests and wrote a bunch of reports.
  • Finished "Energy" and "Bangowana"-features in cell phone drum machine (once again, long story)
  • Did a lot of work on new online music store. Stay tuned!
  • Paid for my plane tickets to Thailand/Denmark.
  • Watched Star Wars 3 (finally) and Batman Begins.
  • Visited an elementary school in Ayase to "talk about Denmark".
  • Huge earthquake hit Chiba, biggest one I've felt since Niigata...nearly knocked me over!
  • Bought "new" Telepopmusik album (great!)