I guess I have quite a bit of catching up to do news-wise so where to start....Well, I suppose one of the most important bits of news is that I managed to find a job for when I graduate (thanks in no small part to my friend Alisa who introduced me to the company in the first place). The company is called "Export-Japan", helps Japanese companies in establishing contacts with foreign markets (by making English webpages etc) and has a tiny office in Hiro-o in Tokyo where I have already started working part-time, and am planning to work full-time after graduation from Tokai. Last year I was invited to their end-of-year party in Osaka and thus had an oppurtunity to spend New Year's Eve in Kansai (will be posting the pictures from that trip later). The picture shows my business card, it says my job-title is "System Engineer", which, although I would have preferred "Kung Fu Master" or something like that, sounds pretty cool I guess.

Edit: New address in Shibuya means a new business card! ;)