Woohoo Although my new apartment is still a mess of cardboard boxes until I can get some proper furniture in which to store stuff, I have officially left Kanagawa and moved to Denenchofu in Tokyo where I have been living for about a week now. Moving house has been just as chaotic as expected (which really only seemed fitting for a summer that has been more than hectic) and filled with little "fun" surprises, such as when during the last part of assembling a newly purchased desk, a bolt decided to pop up through the table top leaving a beautiful crater on the faux wooden surface, or arriving at a nearby supermarket I had seen from the moving truck a week earlier only to find it had closed down and I would have to look elsewhere for my groceries etc etc.


Denenchofu is supposedly the place where the rich people in Tokyo live (although I doubt many rich people would be caught dead living in my tiny box of an apartment) and I live quite close to Tamagawa river so I'm planning to get a bicycle as soon as possible and go exploring.


In other news, I went to the newly opened Ikea the other day looking for furniture, and although I didn't really buy anything interesting, I did have a chance to try out Swedish "k?ttbullar" (what's with the jam?) and stock up on Daim. Go Sweden!