After almost 3 years of faithful service I've finally retired my blue Vodafone in exchange for a spanking new, knight-rider black Willcom! V6010003

Well, it's really more PC than phone which sadly also means the "phone" part of it has to some extent been neglected (it takes forever to reply to a short mail, the reputation of my previously world famous high-school girl-like speed replying skils are at stake!). However, with promises of lower calling charges and free e-mailing I simply couldn't just let a device with such a high Geek Factor pass me by. It's definitely the first phone I've owned to bear this logo:


I've fitted it with a 2gb miniSD card and am using it to play MP3s during the morning commute to work, and I've even found music composition software for it too! You can browse the internet with it and it also comes with a stylus and this really neat slide out keyboard, which comes in handy for writing blog entries when on the move: