Medal I am officially graduated from Tokai University with a Master's degree from today and also officially impressed with the amount of stuff they give you on such an occasion. I mean, I even got a MEDAL like it was the olympics or something! I guess I can hardly write this entry without including the obligatory graduation shot with my professor, so here it is in all its glory:

With professor Miyachi

3 and a half years of my stay in Japan has been spent at Tokai after randomly stubling across an internet posting about a scholarship in 2002 and the time has come to say goodbye to the founder Matsumae and the rest of Shonan campus. Although I will definitely miss certain parts of attending Tokai and living in Kanagawa, I am already getting used to my new lifestyle as a "salaryman" in Tokyo and am looking forward to (re)figuring out the laws of living in the urban jungle I used to live in for half a year when I first arrived in Japan.