I am back in Tokyo and it's been sunny and hot until today where it suddenly started to rain. A good oppurtunity to get those last "culture shocks" out of the way! Culture shock #5: Copenhagen

august 2006 098

This is most likely stating the obvious but it is striking how different a city Copenhagen is from Tokyo. Although Tokyo is probably one of the most exciting cities in the world to live in, Copenhagen does have a unique charm of its own not least due a large number of well-preserved old buildings like the ones seen scattered across town in the shot above.

Culture shock #6: Nature

august 2006 131

Kanagawa had the slumbering volcano Fuji, mountain ranges and vast areas of rice fields and farms, Denenchofu (where I'm living now) has the Tamagawa river and long stretches of bicycle paths through parks and camping areas, yet there is something basically appealing about the simplicity of the greens and blues seen on display on a late summer day in Daneland.

Culture shock #7: Koldskaal

august 2006 015

This frozen desert is indeed the nectar of the Norse Gods.

Culture shock #8: Hygge


Taken from wikipedia --> "The Danes always emphasize the danish word 'hygge'. Not an entirely unique concept but one Danes consider their own and are very proud of. This term means spending quality time with family and friends, in a relaxed atmosphere." Oh yes, we do love our "hygge", and I was glad to have time for some of that too inspite of only being in Denmark for a week!

For more pictures go ahead and look at my Denmark/Sweden photoalbum (the new pictures have been tacked on to the ones I took last year).

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