Sooooo...not having updated this blog for quite some time now and having gone through 2007 with a less than impressive number of posts I realize it is perhaps time to catch up. Thus, in this multi-part series, I will over the coming days make an attempt to get what happened in 2007 out of the way and hopefully finish in time to do a few posts in 2008 as well (no promises, meheh). Mostly this will be a chance to sort out the (digital) stacks and stacks of photos I have taken over the year and maybe also silence the hordes of fans who while desperately screaming for updates spend hours a day at this page clicking the refresh button over and over to see if something might have changed (I am sure they exist, the Google analytics data must be wrong somehow).

Anyhow, without further ado I give you the first chapter in what will undoubtedly turn into an incredibly exciting series of SUPERPOSTS attaining new levels of awesomeness never seen before on this blog.

January: History repeats itself

Ebisu station

Work-wise 2007 began the same way it ended, with a move to a new office in Ebisu, just one stop away on the Yamanote train line from our previous office in Shibuya.

Psychedelic Ebisu 2Psychedelic Ebisu 1

Although our time in Ebisu was short (we moved again soon after), I think I will always remember the psychedelic sunsets often visible from the large office windows around closing-time. Also need of mention is the...erm..."eccentric" owner of the building who, living just a floor above us, would come down at random moments and start yelling and screaming about something or other (although he would always politely chit chat about my bicycle when bumping into him in the morning!)

Looking at my cellphone camera picture archives it seems January was also the month were I came across this sign in Shibuya:


...which I am fairly certain depicts Deborah, an old classmate from my Japanese studying days at Naganuma school, summer 2002, shown in the middle of the photo below (from which I am suspiciously absent):

Naganuma School, class of...way back.

Also, on a geeky note I spent a couple of days of winter vacation dabbling with Ruby on Rails. It changed my life and I have never looked back since (programmers will know what I'm talking about and either agree or disagree passionately).

Hmmm....that's it for January I think! As you can see, you weren't missing out on much ("Oh my god! Please tell me more about that sign you saw in January!") but there it is! Food time now. Curry style.