DSC01811 Finally! My "Catching up"-series arrives at this year. New Year's Eve 2007 was spent in Osaka (featuring among others a certain Canadian friend who gets very upset when he fails to gets mention on my blog) and that inspite of it being a fairly disorganized affair turned out to be a lot of fun. Most memorable from the rest of January and February was the unusually low temperatures that eventually let to a regular snowstorm - a rare sight in Tokyo!


Looking through my pictures I suspect that much of these winter months as a result was spent indoors, with the odd trip to Chinatown in Yokohama.


In February my coworkers threw me a birthday party in the form of an improvised indoor picnic with Kiwi (as in "New Zealand") delivery food and even fake grass! (well, a green plastic sheet, but in Nihombashi that is more or less as park-like as it gets). Food was delicious by the way, we need to order from them again!


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