MapDiary works best when used in combination with one of Apple's sleek little touch screen devices, since they come equipped with all the basic functionality that makes updating a breeze. MapDiary iPhone app screenshot

Using the application is a simple as it gets: When running the app for the first time, you are prompted for your Twitter name/password. After logging in the main screen is shown consisting of 3 basic elements:

  1. A map, showing your current location as determined by the iPhone/iPod Touch's GPS and triangulation system. You can update your position by clicking the top-left button or the map itself.
  2. An empty frame, that when clicked give you the option of selecting a picture from your archive or taking a new one using the built-in camera to upload along with your message.
  3. A text input box, for typing a short message.

Upon pushing "Send", your location, text, and picture (if one is selected) is uploaded to and subsequently posted to Twitter. The results can be seen instantly:

jbalvigs log for 2009-05-10

That's it! Should anyone be interested the app can be found in the iTunes App Store.