I was asked to put up a wishlist for this year's Christmas so here it is!

  • LiveScribe Pulse Smart Pen

    Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word

    A pen that records your writing as well as sound. Jamesbondarific!
  • Reveal iPhone case (black)

    Griffin Technology: Reveal - Ultra-thin protection from bumps and scratches

    The iPhone looks its best without any cover at all but since I don't want to break because I dropped it or something, this ultra-slim case might just be the thing.
  • Headphones MacStyle Skin (13'' MacBook Pro Unibody/Battleship Grey)

    Headphones MacStyle | MacBook, MacBook Pro, Powerbook and iBook Skins

    This would look great on my MacBook (I hope).
  • Bicycle computer

    Any kind would do really, as long as it is wireless and shows me how far I have gone :P
  • Beatport t-shirt (Size L)

    I Love Beatport T-Shirt | Beatport Brand Shop

    I spend way too much money on Beatport...Maybe I shouldn't be turning myself into a walking advertisement for them?
  • Bicycle pump

    One that works with road-bike tires that is (I forget if they are "French" or "German" or whatever). I have a small one for emergencies but using that every time I need to pump my bicycle tires is a bit of a chore...

Hmmmm....can't think of anything else right at this moment...Except for crazy expensive stuff. Guess I'll update this post if I think of more!

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