For every track that makes it onto an album, there are about a dozen half-finished, work-in-progress, abandoned creations that never see the light of day. Among these are even a few more or less completely finished songs, that for various reasons just didn't cut it when it came to compiling an album. Never finished music ideas...

One of these is "Progpop" (we never thought of a proper title!) which fell through the cracks while we were working on Low Ground.

Although it had been featured in a couple of live performances and we even had a mastered version of it done ready for CD production, we decided to leave it off the album for various reasons:

  • Busy vocalist We wanted to redo the vocals done by Marie Jørgensen, since they had originally been recorded only as a draft to work from. Sadly, we had a hard time finding a day to match Marie's busy schedule and before we knew, it months had passed and all the other songs had already been finished... Bonus fact: Eventually we ended up using some of the additional lyrics we had written for the song on the track New Skies.
  • Never thought of a chorus Only the verses in Progpop contain vocals (partly related to the issue mentioned above!) so the chorus ended up being entirely instrumental, based around a lead made from the sound of a...reversed flute was it??
  • Too long The track is almost 8 minutes long!
  • Just didn't fit in As we were figuring out the track order for the album, we would every time end up having nowhere to put Progpop, and I guess we eventually just decided that it didn't fit in with the other songs.

In any case, you can listen to this track now, and optionally add it to your version of Low Ground should you think it deserved a better fate! ;)