Waaaaay back so long ago I'm not really sure when this recording is actually from we played a small 3-song set at a place called "ABC Teatret" in Copenhagen. A glance at Google Maps suggests that the place has since been converted to a fitness center so I guess we should count ourselves lucky for having had a chance to perform at what used to be an old theatre hosting some of Denmark's greatest entertainers. ABC Teatret

Although the timeframe is a bit unclear, what I do remember is that we had just begun working on the Subsidence album, and even though we hadn't actually finished a chorus for it yet, we decided to play Derelict as part of the set, instructing our vocalist (Karoline Porsby at the time) to just do some humming during the parts that weren't done. :D

Karoline, by the way, was extremely angry at Anders and I that day for having asked her drummer ex-boyfriend to perform with us but neglecting to tell her until minutes before going on stage...erm. :roll: Karoline, if you're reading this, we hope you have forgiven us by now!

All in all, as you can probably tell, great conditions for a fantastic performance. And the result was...well better than expected perhaps...? Anyway you can judge for yourself as a recent dig through my minidisc archive produced this recording from the show:

Derelict - OLD live version by subdelay

Not sure exactly why the ENTIRE MIX gets swamped in reverb near the end. Maybe the sound guy simply decided it was sounding terrible and tried to help us out by drowning everything in a cheesy room reverb? ;)

For a more recent live version of Derelict done in Tokyo, check out this version from "Live at Enyen"!