As usual we took much longer than necessary to finish this, but at least it didn’t take another 7 years. UVB is released today!

The new album consists of 10 lost recordings that have been buzzing away from an old radio transmitter, buried under the ice for centuries (so the album blurb says at least). The songs are linked together with transitional music so you can listen to the album from start to end as one long track.

Starting from today, every 3 days we will be publishing a full length track from the album for streaming until finally the complete album is released. You can listen to the opening track: “What Lies Below” now:

And…for those who can’t wait, those who want to own their own copy of the music, or those who simply think we deserve a pat on the back for all those hours and money spent on this expensive hobby, the full album is available for purchase on iTunes from today!