I’ve gotten quite a few questions on how to make a BCR2000 work as a step sequencer with Ableton Live as shown here.

Therefore I have decided to post the Ableton set I use:

Download bcr2000.als

I myself found the basics of this setup posted somewhere online so seems only fair I should share! I’m sorry but I forget where exactly I got it but thanks to whoever posted the original! :)

The “Steps” track sends MIDI to the Analog synth on track 3. By revealing the MIDI Mappings screen you can see how everything is set up. I use the top encoders on my BCR2000 to control pitch by setting all the encoders to CC 10 with each encoder on its own MIDI channel (1-8). Likewise the bottom encoders are set to control step velocity and step length on CC71 and CC74.

The “Lights” track sends midi messages to the BCR2000 to light up the toggle buttons at the top of the unit. Make sure “MIDI To” on this track is set to output to the BCR2000 on channel 1 and map the buttons so they are triggered by MIDI control 11-18. Hopefully with this setup you should be step sequencing in no time! :)