I’m doing a thing this year.

I came across the site “weeklybeats” right at the beginning of the year and decided to join in on the challenge that is make a finished song every week this year.

Of course “finished song” is a bit vague and being unable to complete songs is historically a huge weakness of mine, but basically I’m trying to take every track through to the final stage of mixing and mastering each week. At the very least, hopefully by the end of 2014 there will be 52 ideas which Anders and I can perhaps turn into something.

So far it’s been fun and hard at the same time, in fact, the reason I haven’t written about it before is that frankly I wasn’t (and still am not!) really sure that I would be able to follow through. So far I’ve survived the first 5 weeks though so thought it might be about time I posted some of the results.

If you want to follow along and heckle me the easiest way is probably to either like the Sub Delay Facebook page or follow us on Soundcloud.

Anyway, here’s what has come out of it so far: