DSC00455 April! "Mounichion" as they used to say in Greece. They also used to wear togas and eat grapes. Or was that in Rome, hm. My knowledge of history is vast and impressive. Another thing I am sure was impressive was the random apperance of me and a couple of co-workers on Japanese television, banging away on a "wadaiko" Japanese drum as our participating in a trial lesson in something called "Taikobics" coincided with the appearance of a television crew from Asahi TV (...I think it was??)


April is the time for my company's yearly "Company Trip Camp Extravaganza!", last year taking place in Roppongi, downtown Tokyo (the "camp" part is not to be taking too literally). Thus, the people in Osaka came down to Tokyo for a few days of work talk and serious meetings (like the one pictured above).


The beginning of the month also saw a visit from Denmark in the form of The Magnus whom I met at Tokai University. Jeg sagde tommelfinger til dig.

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