DSC00763 May! Spring! Springediringding! Oh, yes spring must definitely be one of the best seasons in Japan, of which there are FOUR (a fact believed by many Japanese to be unique to Japan...strange but true!). May begins with "Golden Week", the annual 4 national holidays that everyone looks forward to and leaves Tokyo more or less abandoned as people go abroad on speed vacations. 2 of the 4 holidays often fall on Saturday and Sunday, which really does make you wonder about the choice of the word "week", but in any case having some time off is nice and I used the opportunity to go on a trip to Osaka and also visit my colleagues at my company's Osaka branch.


As summer approached, temperatures soared and saw some wonderful days of being able to chill out in Yoyogi park, the 540,000 square meter green haven located in the middle of Tokyo. This in turn let to an unexpected encounter with THE BASKETBALL MAN (erm...)

Basketball man in action

A large part of June/July was however spent trapped inside the walls of a giant corporate prison...A time best forgotten really, and thus I won't dwell on it here. In fact, I have already succeeded in erasing most of that time completely from my conscious memory and so will probably only give up any information pertaining to the events that occurred if subjected to some sort of regressive hypnosis or extreme torture. Which...ironically more or less describes the whole unfortunate affair pretty well. I DID however find this one picture in my collection, which proves, I suppose, that I did actually manage to have fun now and then: