DSC02869 In 2008 I finally got myself a Japanese driver's license (in Japan you can use an international driver's license only for the first year of your stay). Getting the license itself was a fairly easy process although it did require a couple of trips to the Danish Embassy in Daikanyama to get my Danish license translated, before handing everything in at the Driving License Testing and Issuing Center in Shinagawa. Apparently the rules are different depending on where you originally got your driver's license but carrying a Danish license meant I did not have to take additional lessons and/or tests, even though they drive on the opposite side of the road over here.


My newly acquired driving rights were soon put to use on a trip to Choshi, a pleasant seaside area in Chiba known for its ocean views and good seafood.


...Well actually it is not that well-known at all but that's what I imagine the travel brochure would say if they had one.


On the way there we somehow managed to run into "Tour De Chiba", an amateur bicycle race. Thankfully no riders were hurt as I did my best to commander our little rented "rice-cooker" safely past them, after not having been behind the wheel for more than a year.


As usual, pics are on flickr.