Hey! As I am sure you have noticed by the time you read this, things around here have changed quite a bit. I have spent the last couple of weeks reorganizing Balvig.com and the result is what you see before you. The main reason for this change is actually related to a change In Real Life that happened a few weeks back.

Since April I have begun working part time for my current company in order to allocate more time to doing my own projects. It is not that I don't enjoy the work at Export Japan, but the fact that working 5 days a week from 9am-6pm was preventing me from spending time on things I used to love doing (such as music, creating new web sites/applications etc) had been bothering me for a while and thus after having several talks with my boss last year I finally made the decision to go part time.

With this change I realized I needed a platform to write about these personal projects and this blog seemed like the perfect place to do it. However, the blog in its previous incarnation wasn't really suited for this, so last week I finally found time to think up a better format resulting in the following changes to the site:

  • The posts on the blog have been split into two major sections, which (for want of better names) have been dubbed "Work" and "Play" respectively.
  • The "Work" section covers anything related to, well...work! Not the best name for it perhaps, since the border between work/play isn't crystal clear, but I am sticking with this naming scheme until I can think of something better. In this section I hope to write about my music, programming and perhaps even some of the projects I work on for Export Japan. You may consider this a collection of my "output" to the world if you will. So far I only have one project in there (Sub Delay) but expect to see more added as I get around to it.
  • The "Play" section is where I post all the other stuff that goes on in everyday life that is not strictly related to work/projects. Trips, food, random articles about life in Japan, in other words the "inputs" I receive on a daily basis (continuing the fairly weak analogy from above :P) In the sidebar of this section you can also see my Flickr pictures, find out what music I am listening to (Kenneth Bager right now actually), read my Twitter feed, and so on.
  • The "Home" top page shows posts from both sections.
  • I have moved the whole blog from www.balvig.com/blog to www.balvig.com and gotten rid of that boring (and unnecessary) splash page that used to reside at the top of site. Please update any bookmarks/rss-feeds (although you should be redirected automatically)

On a final note: After having been "catching up" for almost two years and still not actually reaching the present, I realize it is time to give up this endeavour and start focusing on The Now. Thus, I am officially putting an end to this series as of today!