Mahalo Journal is a new web application I've been working on the past 2 weeks that allows you to keep a "gratitude journal" online. Today, I think it has reached a point where it is ready to be released for public use (although I am still making tweaks here and there)! Mahalo Journal (top page)

The idea for the site came to me after watching this video, where Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar briefly mentions the concept of keeping a gratitude journal, and how doing so can have a dramatic impact on your overall happiness.

The idea is simple: Each night before bedtime you type in 5 things, small or great, that you are grateful for. Doing this on a consistent basis will get you into the habit of noticing things that make you happy and gradually shift your focus to a more positive outlook.

Mahalo Journal (main screen)

Having used Mahalo Journal for a while now, "5 items a day" seems to be a good number as there are usually 2-3 obvious things that you think of right away, but filling out the remaining items really forces you to think through your day (and life in general!) and I feel like this process is making me better at finding joy in the small things.

Mahalo Journal (calendar screen)

If you're wondering: "Mahalo" is a Hawaiian word meaning "thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, respects" so I thought it would make a good name for the site!

Mahalo Journal)

Mahalo Journal is available now in 3 languages at!