As some may have noticed I have been secretly testing out integrating Mahalo Journal with Facebook lately and today I am releasing this new functionality for public use! Mahalo Journal

Using Mahalo Journal with Facebook Connect allows you to do some cool new things:

  • Super easy signup & login If you already have a Facebook account all you have to do to sign up for a new Mahalo Journal account is to push the big blue "Login with Facebook"-button and grant permission to connect through Facebook. Your profile picture, name and time zone will all be automagically imported! You only have to verify your username and you're ready to to start using your new account. Subsequently you no longer have to remember a separate password for Mahalo Journal - as long as you're logged in to Facebook (and who isn't constantly logged in to this black hole of a social network...) you can always access your journal by the click of a button! Mahalo Journal - Facebook Connect (4)
  • Posting journal entries to Facebook Signing up through Facebook Connect will automatically enable wall posting to Facebook, so that whenever you make an entry in your journal it will also be shown on your Facebook profile page (this can be disabled from the "Settings" screen for people who just want the ease of logging in that Facebook Connect provides).
  • Mahalo Journal on Facebook
  • I already have a Mahalo Journal, how do I get in on this Facebook goodness? Existing Mahalo Journal users wanting to take advantage of the new Facebook Connect functionality can do so now by going to the "Settings" screen and clicking "Connect with Facebook" to switch their accounts to a Facebook Connect account: Mahalo Journal - Facebook Connect

As usual, any feedback or comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy it!