You may have already noticed but last week a couple of new features were added to Mahalo Journal:

  • Autogrowing input boxes

    Although Mahalo Journal encourages you to "keep it short and sweet" (255 characters being the maximum for each entry) I still found that there were times when sentences would get long enough that the text would scroll off screen making it hard to see what you were typing. That problem is now a thing of the past as Mahalo Journal automatically scales the size of the input boxes vertically as you type!

    Mahalo Journal - autogrowing input boxes

  • "Recently updated" stars

    Reading other people's entries can be fun and inspiring. However, until last week, figuring out when people were updating their journals could be a bit difficult. Now, if you go to the list of users you will see little stars next to people who have recently updated their journals! Also, if you want to follow someone on a regular basis, RSS feeds are available for all journals by using the "Subscribe" link found at the bottom of each user's home screen.

    Mahalo Journal - recently updated stars

  • Feedback tab

    Hearing from people who actually use the site is a big part of what makes creating it fun! Last week I added a little "Feedback" tab at the bottom right of the site (visible when logged in), where you can write your thoughts or ideas about Mahalo Journal. The posting mechanism is wired directly in to my brain so I promise no comments will go unnoticed! What would you like to see Mahalo Journal do? What do you hate with a passion or think is great about the site? Let me know!

    Mahalo Journal - feedback tab