It has been a while since MapDiary saw any updates but since Twitter recently announced that they would be stopping support for basic authentication (logging in via username/password which MapDiary was using) and switching entirely to oauth, I took the opportunity to release a new, redesigned version of the iPhone app. MapDiary 2.0

The way oauth works is that before logging in you are taken to your Twitter page and asked to grant access to MapDiary. This means that you never have to type your password into MapDiary again - as long as you are logged into your Twitter account you will be able to access MapDiary and only have to worry about keeping your credentials in one place!

MapDiary oauth

Other new features include:

  • New redesigned interface
  • Updated super-crisp high resolution graphics for iPhone 4
  • Support for multi-tasking (iOS4+)
  • New native map shows and updates your position in realtime

PS: Once Twitter stops supporting basic authentication you will no longer be able to post using the old version of MapDiary, so existing users should upgrade to the new one as soon as possible (it's free!)