Summer is here!


...Which can make it hard to stay productive at times, as the warm weather and blue skies seem to command you to go outside, as if it were your God-given duty and obligation to nature to go and get a nice red sunburn as soon as temperatures rise above 30°C.

I have however (more or less) been keeping up my strict "make at least 1 track a week"-policy, which is something I started doing recently in an effort to stay in (musical) shape. It also allows me to spam Anders with MP3s every week, and he in turns sends back his ideas - a process that will hopefully speed up the completion of a new album!

Here is a sampling of 3 work-in-progress tracks that have come out of it so far:

Old Dusty Morn

Work in progress: Old Dusty Morn by subdelay


Work in progress: Weidlinger by subdelay


Work in progress: Nimyst by subdelay